Trademark Application Fee Information and Declaration

In this section we cover your trademark filing fee and the trademark application declaration. In previous steps in this series we have covered:

trademark feesNow, it is time to get down to business. In other words, if you have come this far in preparing your trademark application, then you are about to spend some money to finish the process and make your application official.

TEAS Plus Filing Fee

If you have elected to use the TEAS Plus form, your filing fee will be quoted as $275 per class as shown in the next screen shot. If you elected the regular TEAS form, the fee will be $325 per class. The number of classes and total fee due will be calculated for you.

How to Sign Your Trademark Application

You will decide how to sign the application form. I highly recommend signing electronically. To do this, choose “Sign Directly.” Or, if you are doing this application for someone besides your own business, then you can email a text form to a second party for signature. As a last option, if you insist, you can print the trademark application and use a pen-and-ink signature.

I never use pen-and-ink any longer, so I am going to proceed with instruction for signing directly using an electronic signature.  Filing electronically is highly recommended and much preferred by the USPTO, and you will benefit by receiving an instant filing receipt and application serial number. Further, you will not risk your application be lost in the mail or delayed.

trademark filing fee information

Signing the Declaration or Oath

Hopefully, you have not willfully made any false statements on your application because you must now sign the declaration. If this is your first time filing a trademark application, please read the declaration carefully and make sure you understand it. Sign the declaration with an electronic signature by choosing any name or text your like and putting it between two slash marks like this:  /signature/. Type your name into the box for Signatory’s Name.

Dating the Application and Entering Your Title

As you tab forward through the fields, the date signed will fill in automatically. Next, enter the appropriate title or the relationship to the application of the person filing the application in the box for Signatory’s Position. If filing as a sole proprietorship, enter “Owner.” If you are filing as a business entity without an attorney, enter your position of authority (e.g., “President,” “Vice President,” “General Partner” (if a partnership), or “Principal” (if a limited liability company). If you are filing this with a partner or other principal or a second business owner of the mark, you may want to add another signatory. This is rare, and should probably involve the help of an attorney if you find yourself in such a circumstance.

trademark filing declaration signature screen

Once you are happy with your entries, click the “Validate” button to go to the next screen.

Awesome! You are now ready for the last step before submission. Review your trademark application and make sure that everything has been filled out correctly.

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