Should I file a Trademark Application with Standard Characters or a Stylized Logo?

Two options: Standard Characters or Specialized Form (Stylized and/or Design)

Standard Characters

Standard character marks consist of plain text. The text of the trademark may include “word(s), letter(s), number(s), or any combination thereof, with no design element and when you are not claiming any particular font, style, size, or color, and absent any stylization or design element.”

For a mark to quality as a standard character trademark, it must consist of only acceptable standard characters – letters, numbers and some symbols, such as the ampersand (&), the dollar sign ($), the asterisk (*), etc.

Standard character set available USPTO Trademark Standard Character Set.

Registering a trademark in standard characters provides the broadest rights for your trademark when your mark primarily consists of words, letters, and numbers. It allows you to use those words, letters, and numbers in any manner, i.e. design, without worry about losing your the benefits of a trademark registration. Restated, a word mark in standard characters will typically have broader protection than the same words registered in a specific style or color. You can still use a standard character word mark in a stylized format, and this use will be accepted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as evidence of use of the mark. Continue Reading »

Short Titles for International Trademark Classes

Choosing a preferred class of goods and services for your trademark application may impact your description. When choosing a description of your goods or services for your trademark application, you should consult the USPTO short titles for international trademark classes.

Filing a trademark application in the best class of goods and services will help to give your trademark registration the most desired effect. You can always file in more than one class, but this will multiply your filing fees, extension fee, statement of use fees, and renewal fees.

trademark international class 035 example

Therefore, you may want to delay filing a trademark application for some of your goods and services until your business in more profitable.

You will find that experts have different opinions on the issue of how soon to file a trademark application for a different class of goods and services.

You will need to weigh your own business considerations and trademark registration benefits to make the correct decision for yourself.

The short titles for international trademark classes are divided into a group for goods and a group for services. These are numbered sequentially from 001 through 045.

The classification number is used by the USPTO in your trademark app to define the selected class. The US Patent and Trademark Office attorney will probably focus more on the selected class in determining whether a likelihood of confusion exists with another registered trademark.

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