Trademark Search Design Code Manual

The USPTO design search code manual is a helpful guide to codes used in performing a preliminary trademark search for your logo or graphic design mark. This manual can be found at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website when you are on the main search option screen. You will need to perform your trademark search using the free form method in order to really use the design search codes to narrow your results and find the most relevant trademarks to compare with your own.

You can learn more about the reasons for a trademark search before filing a trademark application in a prior post on this blog. Here we are going to show you a little more about the help example of the USPTO on how to specifically use a design search code.

Table of Contents for USPTO Design Code ManualDesigns are Divided into Categories

First, you will find that the design search code manual is comprehensive as shown in this table of contents from the Trademark Office website.

The design codes have been divided into 29 different broad categories such as celestial bodies, human beings, and animals to name a few. Following, the table of contents, the design manual includes an introduction on how to use the codes and more general guidelines. You will find both of these sections very helpful in knowing how to use the design codes.  Continue Reading »

Trademark Search Before Trademark Application

As you begin the trademark application process, start with a trademark search and start at the top by using the database of federally registered marks maintained by the U.S.  Patent and Trademark Office. Find the trademark search database at and use the advanced search features to broaden your search and find any mark that might be considered confusing and similar to your choice of marks.

Free Trademark Search Database at USPTO.GOV

trademark search uspto for trademark application
As indicated above, Trademark Application Headquarters recommends using the advanced Free Form search features of the USPTO trademark database. This free form option will allow you to construct your searches more carefully to find similar marks to yours. You will put together your queries using a combination of Boolean logic, wildcard characters and search fields. Also, if you are doing a search for logos or graphic mark, you will want to use the Design Search Code Manual to determine the code to use in searching within the design search field as explained in this post about trademark search using design codes.

Doing a comprehensive and informative search is not easy and will take some development and honing of your search skills. Use the online trademark search help at the United States Trademark Office to understand how to use the different fields and search techniques. Use design codes to search for stylized marks or marks that include graphical features. Continue Reading »