Georgia Trademark Statutes

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Title 10 Commerce and Trade
Chapter 1 Selling and Other Trade Practices
Article 16 Trademarks, Service Marks, and Trade Names

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Part 1 Registration and Use of Trademarks and Service Marks (Section 10-1-440 to 10-1-454)

Section 10-1-440 Definitions
Section 10-1-441 Registration; ineligibility
Section 10-1-442 Application; fee
Section 10-1-443 Classes of goods and services
Section 10-1-444 Certificate; use as evidence
Section 10-1-445 Term; renewal; fee
Section 10-1-446 Assignment; recordation; fee
Section 10-1-447 Public records of trademarks or service marks
Section 10-1-448 Cancellation
Section 10-1-449 False or fraudulent representation in registration; damages
Section 10-1-450 Infringement; civil action
Section 10-1-451 Injunction
Section 10-1-452 Common law rights not affected
Section 10-1-453 Criminal penalty
Section 10-1-454 “Forged or counterfeited trademark, service mark, or copyrighted or registered design” defined; penalties

Part 2 Names and Emblems of Fraternal, Charitable, and Other Organizations (Section 10-1-470 to 10-1-472)

Section 10-1-470 Prohibition against using existing name
Section 10-1-471 Injunction authorized
Section 10-1-472 Unauthorized use of name or emblem; criminal penalty

Part 3 Registration of Businesses Using Trade Names (Section 10-1-490 to 10-1-493)

Section 10-1-490 Registration of assumed name; record book; fees
Section 10-1-491 Contracts of unregistered business valid
Section 10-1-492 Businesses exempt
Section 10-1-493 Failure to register; penalty

(Current as of December 31, 2011)

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