Getting Prepared to File a Trademark Application

So you have selected the TEAS Plus or the TEAS trademark application form for filing on the principal register of the United States Patent and Trademark Office after reading our initial post entitled Filing a Trademark Application. Now, you are ready to proceed with answering the required preliminary questions needed before filling out your application form.

If you choose not to use a lawyer, the electronic filing form will be customized to leave out the questions related to your attorney representative.

Video – Before You File for Your Trademark

– produced by the U.S. Government

A few things that you need to prepare in advance so that you can finish your application in 60 minutes include the following:

  • The EXACT owner name and legal status for the owner of the mark (Is the owner an individual, partnership, LLC, corporations, etc?); Make sure you think about the actual owner/user of the mark and get the answer to this question right.
  • The EXACT trademark as it will be used (Are you mistakenly putting extra words or phrases in your mark, such as Inc., Co., or LLC. Read What is a Trademark for more information);
  • A specimen of use for your mark (in a properly sized JPEG format) that meets the legal requirements for an appropriate specimen and that uses the mark exactly as your will list the mark in your application; and
  • A payment method such as debit or credit card for paying the filing fees.

Getting USPTO Help As Your Fill Out Your Form

As you work your way through the electronic trademark application form, you will find that some words and phrases are underlined and highlighted. These underlined words are links to helpful information. Don’t hesitate to click on the help links; even lawyers sometimes use these links as a reference to remind themselves of certain language that is used for best practice or rules that should be followed to avoid problems with the USPTO.

trademark application filing screen 02


An Overview of the Trademark Application Form Process

This opening screen of the trademark application form gives you a variety of helpful information if you are completely new to the process. First of all, there is an overview of the steps that you will go through in completing the form. I recommend printing this page for future reference. The instructions on this page tell you how to get help from the Trademark Office and how to check the status of your filed application. Also, note that you have a 60 minute limit for completing the application form.

trademark application filing screen 03


First Question: Do You Want an Attorney?

Ready, set, go. If you are filing your trademark application by yourself, select “No” for #1 with regard to the question “Is an attorney filing this application?” Usually, question #2 will be left blank, but you will have the opportunity to save your form and come back to it later if desired. Question #2 is where you would load up your previously saved form.

trademark application filing screen 04


Use a Modern Browser for Function and Security

Click the CONTINUE button to go on to the next screen, which will pop up a warning message. Verify that you meet the requirements for your internet browser and security features. Click the OK button when you are ready to proceed.

trademark application filing screen 05

Prepare for the next part in our series, as the Trademark Application Headquarters guides your through the trademark application process step by step. If you have not read part 1 of this series, go back to it now by clicking on part 1 of the series Filing a Trademark Application. Or, if you are ready to take the next step, read more about the trademark registration process in part 3 – Filing a Trademark Application – Entering Information about the Owner of the Trademark.


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