Identifying Goods or Services in Your Trademark Application

After we have told the USPTO about our trademark, it is time to tell the Office about our Good or Services. In particular, we need to write a description for the goods or services that will be sold in relation to the mark. If you have elected to use the regular TEAS form for filing, you will need to write your own custom description of the goods or services.

Acceptable Identification When Using the TEAS Plus Form

But, in this example, we are using the TEAS Plus form. Therefore, a button entitled “Add Goods/Services” is provided for us to search the Acceptable Identification of Goods and Services Manual.

trademark application filing screen 10

I recommend searching the Acceptable Identification of Goods and Services Manual before you start filling out your application. You need to know in advance that the goods and services that you want to select are in the manual, or else you might be wasting your time to use the TEAS Plus form. Be somewhat flexible and be willing to accept a description from the manual that may not be exactly what you wanted, as long as the description is accurate and encompasses all of the needed goods or services.

Video – What is Meant by Identification of Goods and Services

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Search the Acceptable Identification of Goods and Services Manual

Enter your search term in the field labeled “Enter Search Terms” shown below. For example: “advertising and marketing services.”

trademark application search manual acceptable identification goods or services

In my example, I searched for an acceptable identification that accurately described my internet marketing services provided through our sister company ConceptSell.com. Here is what I found:

Search results for the manual of acceptable identification of goods or services

When I did this same search during the application process, I selected this particular identification of services and inserted it into my application as shown in the next screen shots.

trademark application filing screen 15

Use the search results pages to find the best description of your goods or services. Select the check box for all of those descriptions that you find suitable, then select the button for “Insert Check Entries” to insert your selections into the trademark application.

trademark application filing screen 16

Filing More than One Identification of Goods or Services

You may choose more than one identification of goods or services. But, if you list goods or services that fall into more than one international class, then you will be required to pay additional filing fees. There is a filing fee with the USPTO for every class that you include in your application. Most applications are limited to one or two classes of goods. I have selected just one identification of services that happens to fall into class 35.

The short titles provide a quick reference to help you determine what class(es) of goods or services that you will want to include in your application. A start-up business will usually want to conserve costs and file in the one or two classes most relevant to the currently planned business. However, it is possible to file in additional classes later, as long as no one else owns the mark for the later class of goods or services.

All of these type of considerations should be taken into account during the trademark search phase of preparation. Sometimes, you might choose a different mark because it will not be available in a future planned area of products/services.

After you have selected your goods and services and described them, you are ready to proceed to the next step and assign the filing basis for the trademark application as “intent to use” or “in use.”

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