Short Titles for International Trademark Classes

Choosing a preferred class of goods and services for your trademark application may impact your description. When choosing a description of your goods or services for your trademark application, you should consult the USPTO short titles for international trademark classes.

Filing a trademark application in the best class of goods and services will help to give your trademark registration the most desired effect. You can always file in more than one class, but this will multiply your filing fees, extension fee, statement of use fees, and renewal fees.

trademark international class 035 example

Therefore, you may want to delay filing a trademark application for some of your goods and services until your business in more profitable.

You will find that experts have different opinions on the issue of how soon to file a trademark application for a different class of goods and services.

You will need to weigh your own business considerations and trademark registration benefits to make the correct decision for yourself.

The short titles for international trademark classes are divided into a group for goods and a group for services. These are numbered sequentially from 001 through 045.

The classification number is used by the USPTO in your trademark app to define the selected class. The US Patent and Trademark Office attorney will probably focus more on the selected class in determining whether a likelihood of confusion exists with another registered trademark.

The USPTO associates the following word titles with the respective international trademark class numbers:


1. Chemicals

2. Paints

3. Cosmetics and cleaning preparations

4. Lubricants and fuels

5. Pharmaceuticals

6. Metal goods

7. Machinery

8. Hand tools

9. Electrical and scientific apparatus

10. Medical apparatus

11. Environmental control apparatus

12. Vehicles

13. Firearms

14. Jewelry

15. Musical instruments

16. Paper goods and printed matter

17. Rubber goods

18. Leather goods

19. Non-metallic building materials

20. Furniture and articles not otherwise classified

21. Housewares and glass

22. Cordage and fibers

23. Yarns and threads

24. Fabrics

25. Clothing

26. Fancy goods

27. Floor coverings

28. Toys and sporting goods

29. Meats and processed foods

30. Staple foods

31. Natural agricultural products

32. Light beverages

33. Wines and spirits

34. Smokers’ articles


35. Advertising and business

36. Insurance and financial

37. Building construction and repair

38. Telecommunications

39. Transportation and storage

40. Treatment of materials

41. Education and entertainment

42. Computer and scientific

43. Hotels and restaurants

44. Medical, beauty and agricultural

45. Personal and legal

When filing your trademark application, scan the above list and use it as a guide for finding an appropriate description of goods or services. This comes in very helpful when choosing a description of goods or services from the Manual of Acceptable Identification of Goods or Services.

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