Should You File a State Trademark Application

What about filing a state trademark application?  This is a common question when considering protection for your business name and brand. 

While a federal trademark registration gives national protection to a trademark or service mark owner, this avenue is not always available because of the requirement of use in interstate commerce or other factors. In these cases, a state trademark registration may be advisable.

state trademark application flagTo acquire trademark and/or service mark registration at the state level, a trademark application is filed with the state trademark office, which is usually operated by the secretary of state of the specific state. You can often find trademark application instructions on the Secretary of State website for the state in which protection is sought. State trademarks are handled on a state by state basis, and you must get information from each state individually and follow their guidelines for registration. Findlaw maintains a national index of State Trademark Application websites that may be helpful if you have trouble finding your state’s information through a search engine. Continue Reading »

Payment and Submission of a Trademark Application


trademark application payment and submission

Now we are going to describe the process of paying your trademark application fees to the USPTO and submitting your application to register a trademark. In previous steps in this series we have covered:

Trademark Fee Payment Options

After clicking the Pay/Submit button, the PTO requests the information needed for your payment method, such as credit card or checking account. Choose your poison and then enter the required information to begin the checkout process. The first option is to pay with a credit card.

trademark application filing payment screen


The other options include payment by deposit account with the USPTO, and electronic funds transfer from a checking account.

Trademark application payment options

Once you have entered your payment information and click on the submission button, then your application will be official. Continue Reading »