Trademark – Book Review

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This guide book for trademarks is written by attorneys and can truly help you avoid many trademark application problems.

Reading and collecting information about the trademark and branding process can prevent problems down the road like having to give up your valuable brand name.

Instead of waiting until too late, read more and prepare yourself for business success by caring for your name or trademark. This book does just what it implies in the title. It gives you insight into the legal care needed for your business trademark or product brand name.

This book can help you understand several of the most important steps alongĀ  the way to trademark registration. For instance, a trademark search is an important first step in choosing a name to trademark. Then, using a step by step process to trademark a name by filing a trademark application can be an important second step. These are followed by the adjudication of any trademark disputes that arise and enforcement of your mark. Authors Elias and Stim do cover each of these topics in a way to help you.

If you are a new business, you should be well-informed about the issues that effect you the most in the long-term growth of your business. Your name and brand are certainly a vital part of this perspective, and this book on trademark law should be a part of your library of knowledge as you move forward and make critical, and necessarily informed, decisions.

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