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You may elect to use a trademark attorney to help you file your trademark application. If you are just starting, check out our first post in this series on filing a trademark application. The decision is up to you whether to use a lawyer, but there are many reasons that using a trademark lawyer might be a wise decision. Here are a few of the most important considerations.

Top 3 Reasons to Use a Trademark Lawyer


A trademark attorney will monitor all legal deadlines and make sure that you never lose your trademark registration rights because of a missed deadline.


A trademark attorney will offer to conduct a comprehensive search and help identify potential problems with the use of your proposed trademark that you may not find yourself using the USPTO TESS system. You can learn how to do your own preliminary trademark search.


A trademark attorney will counsel you regarding proper use of the mark, recommend whether to file a trademark application, and advise you on your likelihood of success in the registration process.

Entering a Trademark Attorney into Your Trademark Application

If you elected to have an attorney file the application, then the next screen will provide a place for entry of the attorney’s contact information. Your attorney will usually include a file reference number of their own that will help them keep your file organized and easy to find when needed. This reference number is entered in the “Individual Attorney Docket/Reference Number” field.

The name, address, city and state information are self-explanatory. If you are filing pro se and reach this screen, then you might need to return to the beginning of the form and verify that you made the proper selection with regard to whether an attorney was filing the application. You do not want to intentionally misrepresent any facts (even attorney representation) to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

At the end of the trademark registration application, you will sign a declaration that everything in the application is true. Lying intentionally  is punishable by fine or imprisonment. Honesty is definitely the best policy to avoid problems. A lot of mistakes can be corrected, so long as they were not made intentionally.

Trademark Application Attorney Information

I prefer to communicate electronically. Therefore, when I am representing a client, I always include my email address as shown below, and I do authorize the USPTO to communicate with the appointed attorney by email. You will have this option for yourself without an attorney also. This is a very convenient way to do business with Trademark Office, and I do recommend it.

trademark application attorney email information

But, you must monitor your application every 3 months by checking the status, and you must monitor your email. If you have an overly aggressive spam checking program, you might want to monitor your spam box as well and take some steps to add the USPTO to your spam software’s white list.

Next, click the Continue button in the application screen to move on to the next screen in the USPTO electronic trademark registration process.

Or, return to the Trademark Application Headquarters home page.

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