Correspondence Information in a Trademark Application

In previous steps in this series on electronic filing of a trademark application, we have covered:

Keep Correspondence Information Up to Date

In this section you will provide the US Trademark Office with your correspondence information for communicating about the trademark application while it is pending at the USPTO. It will be very important to keep your correspondence information up to date, even after you receive a registered trademark.

The Difference Between Correspondent and Owner Information

The “Correspondence Information” in an application differs in some subtle ways from both the Owner information and Attorney information entered earlier in the application form.

When filing pro se, the Owner might be a LLC or other entity, but, on the other hand, your correspondence information might be a particular contact person associated with the company. You can specify a different name, address and phone number for the Trademark Office to communicate with.

There are certain limitations. For instance, you cannot change the correspondence address to the owner of the trademark if an attorney has been appointed. After determining the correct correspondent, fill in the name, address and telephone information in the trademark application form.

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You Must Have an Email Address to File a Trademark Application Online

Again, the correspondent or representative attorney may authorize the USPTO to communicate with the appointed attorney or correspondent by email. In this case, the entry of an email address for the correspondent is a requirement. Authorizing communication by email is not required, however. But, I do recommend it for convenience and speed.

trademark application filing correspondence information screen 2If you are someone who is not familiar with the internet as a communication tool, then filing a trademark application is probably a time to consider taking a course or something to get more informed on using email and other internet mediums for communication. Otherwise, you are probably better off hiring a patent and trademark attorney, if for no other reason than having easy and effective communication with the USPTO.

Regarding the “email” address, the USPTO gives the following warning when filing the combined Section 8 and 15 declaration and repeats this warning elsewhere:

NOTE: If the e-mail address listed above is either no longer correct for receiving USPTO correspondence or contains a typographical error, please go to the Correspondence Address form to update or correct the e-mail address AND reauthorize the USPTO to communicate with you by e-mail. It is critical that you maintain a current e-mail address with the USPTO. For any technical issues with this process, please contact TEAS@uspto.gov.
WARNING: For an application filed under TEAS Plus, the failure to maintain a correct e-mail address for ongoing e-mail communication will result in the loss of TEAS Plus status and a requirement to pay $50 per class.

After you have filled out your correspondence information, including your email address, then you are ready to proceed to the review and payment process for filing your trademark application. Soon your application will be filed, and you will be headed down the road toward having a registered trademark for your brand.

If you are new here, head on over to the beginning of this serious on how to file a trademark application or check out the Trademark Application Headquarters home page for the latest information on trademarks.

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