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Yet again, a trademark application client has received a solicitation to list their trademark in an international register. Fortunately, this client took caution and asked for an opinion on the pros and cons of a service like this. Below is a crop of a portion of the letter received from the self-named “international register of trademarks.” As mentioned in this previous post about international registration of trademark applications, there is no official international listing. Thus, any such solicitation should be met with skepticism and only used if the real benefits outweigh the costs.

Looks Like an Invoice, Rather Than an Advertisement

A solicitation to list a trademark application in an international register

Ask Lots of Questions

Applying the questions in my recent post on avoiding trademark application scams, it is easy to recognize this letter as just an attempt to make money providing a service of little value. As I’ve alluded to in the past, anytime someone tries to get you to use their service by sending you an invoice as the first communication, the service more than likely has no real value. What is received for $850 in this case will be a listing and a complimentary copy of a publication.

This service seems to have little value. All of the U.S. trademark registrations that will be listed in this book can be found on the official registrar at the USPTO and is readily available for viewing on their website. Here is a link to the database where you can do your own trademark search. Certainly, before you purchase this listing and spend your hard-earned $850, you should receive good answers to the questions of who, what, where and why.

Use a Litmus Test

Following is a basic litmus test for me to measure any service or product by:

For those consumers who need the service or product, the story of the service or product should sell itself. In other words, someone marketing a service or product that is truly valuable to the consumer does not have to revert to tricks and spam to get the consumer’s attention. In legitimate marketing, a business can attract your business by bringing your attention to legitimate benefits of using their services or products.

Remember that “a man or woman convinced against his or her will, is not convinced at all.” Get informed and avoid paying an unnecessary invoice like the one above from Z.b international.

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